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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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the emissions from. coal. headlines on our t.v. enraged protesters continue their assault on parliament hours after the greek government approves more austerity cuts paving the way for billions in bailout loans. syria's unrest threatens to spread across the middle east israel is concerned that has a lot is moving weapons to leaven on just in case assad is overthrown. and or friends in russia have continued to struggle in adulthood a lot of government provided housing means some have to live in a rundown homes with a little help. also russia is coming to use social time small business while
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increasing the fiscal burden on the energy sector and the increasing excise labels for alcohol and tobacco find out more about the economic impact of this movement as opposed to the twentieth time. just after nine pm here in the russian capital you're watching our t.v. thanks for joining us and now to our top story the greek government has voted in favor of a new round of austerity cuts securing the next a multi-billion installment of cash from the e.u. and the staving off a default but furious protesters have reacted violently to the vote with battles between police and demonstrators continuing at just meters from parliament all scenes from downtown athens resemble a war zone as protesters fight with riot squads amid a volleys of tear gas hundreds of thousands. people they should wide walked off
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their jobs for a two day strike against the a sturdy cuts well they say drowning the country of debt for full of interest rates has failed once and it will fail again well there were reports of escalating violence and prostitution school there with dozens reported injured were detained by police or journalist. who's currently enough and still doherty what she witnessed. when the results where are become known to the people of people reacted. aggressive way so now the government has to face the anger of the angry greeks who are on the road to minutes ago we heard grenades from square it's about three to four minutes from here there is dense smoke in the air. and the protesters are continuing to fight with the police they are throwing stones to the police and the policemen are answering throwing grenades and tear gas there is then smoke in
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the sky but also for a station of constitutions where even inside the metro station there are people who are trying to hide in the metro but there is smoke in there there are some doctors who talk from inside the metro and say that there are people who cannot breathe. and one of the main grievances held by the protesters is that they're being made to pay for the mistakes of others well most of the believe they'll never see a penny of the bailout that will saddle generations with debt. on the streets of athens the voices of discontent the growing louder. it's a war we did not create this there's no going to pay for this dead we want to be god large but at least continues to fight against economic ruin the second bailout . and it can't prevent greece from people from its previous lame attainments people will be seeing a penny. not of money actually comes into the greek economy it all
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goes out interest. payments the battles on save the banks and prevent a large scale financial crisis for the people the price is simply too high they see their income going down they see taxis taxis taxis and nothing else their money does not go to a very early economy a year a struggling against heart a stereotype measures government now faces an electorate opposed to another bailout they are going to get all the state property. state property. and they are going to get almost everything. the good people they are going to get in this in this. first month then i would certainly come as a high cost for the cuts in public spending raising taxes and an aggressive quotation program it would mean the sale of many quick public assets this is
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robbery this is theft. tension on the streets of athens continues to mount violent scenes witness recently disturbing testimony just how far situations deteriorated one of the reasons that everybody is so determined to keep greece in the euro is so that the banks don't have to take a serious hit on their faulty lending policies result as if there's a whole other holy alarms of politicians and bankers versus ordinary people it's a fight that the people say they're not prepared to lead south r.t. athens. the grim economic situation in greece will be high on the to do list for the new head of the international monetary fund france's finance minister christine lagarde well she's likely to keep up the institutions old grace says danielle ben-ami a veteran financial journalist and editor at strategy magazine. i think what we're
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likely to see from christine lagarde is more of the same which is the i.m.f. trying to stabilize probably in the short term cut short term deals but not really tackling the fundamental problems with the global economy and i think it serves the interests of the western powers not just europe i mean clearly europe has always had the head of the. american continues to do so please try to deal with the with america's america has the chief role in the world bank even if. carstens had won this time i don't think it would change things that fundamentally because the problem of the i.m.f. is not just that it's headed by a european but a much more fundamentally that is a very short term narrow technocratic institution to solve a lot of the problems facing the world economy we need political solutions with politicians tax and problems democratically elected politicians but we don't have
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to have them advocating responsibility it's not just a question of where the head of the i.m.f. comes from or where the regional organization he represents but what kind of look at what kind of institution it is. israel's military is on edge after intelligence reports of troop movements in syria and across the border in lebanon well it's concerned has been long might be moving weapons to strike at the jewish state to divert attention from its ally syrian president bashar al assad largely spotlessly or takes a look at how the situation in the region threatens to spread further out of control. things are quiet on the israel lebanon border but many suspect it's a lull before the storm everything hinges on what happens in neighboring syria and what hizbollah decides to do with its stockpiles their. position that my take over in syria. differently is belies an enemy is
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a spirit so for. us the. logical thing to transfer the weapon they put in syria. into. lebanon for years has been found an ally in syrian president bashar assad and so it's no surprise they want him to stay in power but if he goes and those who pressurising him to do so would do well to remember this the regional impact could be terrifying syria like libya is part of an alliance and that of my answer is very wide it begins in iran some elements in iraq's government are part of the syrian regime hezbollah and lebanon are hamas in gaza western intelligence reports suggest hizbollah has already started moving some of its advanced weaponry from its warehouses in syria to its forces in lebanon for fear that assad will be toppled but getting rid of him is one thing dealing with the consequences quite another
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situation in syria looks. dangerous. syrian government gender group. and israelis fear a new war in the region even if the syrian regime stays tel aviv reportedly sent a message to president assad warning him that if he starts a war with israel in order to divert attention from domestic problems israel would target him personally but such a war would also play into the hands of his but as far as we know hizbullah has now accumulated around forty five thousand missiles of the ranges. those run of all part of them very much goes beyond three hundred and three hundred fifty kilometers which according to them at least they can reach the whole of. the souls of the country which is something israelis know these missiles originated in syria they found their way to lebanon and then they were fired by his own to the jewish state
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back in two thousand and six this museum was set up about a decade ago so that the idea could display weapons ammunition and items that are captured from israel's enemies on the ground and almost a minute straight the lebanese palestinian and hizbollah flags flying on the israeli border committee is clear here new countries immune to what happens to its neighbor and it won't take much to turn the region's precarious peace into all out war policy r.t. israel. will go back for a top story on a greek crisis where i'd be your government has just passed a new round of austerity cuts with people protesting against their will i'm joined by warrior and professor marc herbert strong us live from berlin thank you very much for joining us also now the package has been passed and resell for more bailout money now can be either you finally relax now that the crisis has been averted which they say had been the goal of the first. well some politicians who have argued that the rescue of queen and or if you want to get into might be
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believed but for the until the. greek crisis and you're crisis it's true there would relieve the door because. the people which is receiving from the interest of the european community and to the international monetary fund still protesting advise people to think. it is a real problem where the in the long run of the crisis can only soften the very long run. the legitimacy of the greek democracy will be sufficient in order to realize all reform is necessary not only viral story to cross but those well for generating wealth in the country are generating tax income and by creating a state which is worth being called a state in which is no longer pray over the system in greece but in all of the protests going on against austerity cuts but don't you think on the other hand the
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e.u. has a responsibility to bail out its neighbors otherwise there's a point of having a juggernaut like germany and france but economies like greece and ireland is about valid. as you know we have a bailout through vision in the european treaty article one hundred twenty five which expresses says we have a montreal union and a union without collective financial or siskel solidarity there is in saudi arabia case of natural catastrophes like earthquakes the requires in order earthquake it's a governance drug routes are generated by weeds and it's a recent responsibility so as a matter of fact there's people believe that the greek crisis might create a contagion rather more you know to commies politicians are afraid of people who are afraid to take very very unreasonable decisions of the first decision to allow greece to have very very generous credit last year and the credit to
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a sovereign country means their present owners the southern country has will be induced as a paperweight the credit all people who have been creditors will remain at risk so we are in a very very dangerous phase of european monetary policy european institution policy because we have stayed away straight away from the path of institutional normal diversity which is laid down in the treaty and overnight on the ninth and tenth of may under french influence of the european economic. community and particularly in the monetary union has been redesigned without any vote by the populations have consented to giving up the money most of the germans under and very bitterly are free don't you think though that saving of the euro would be to germany's benefit because if you're going to save countries like greece for example going back to the benefit of germany who who exports to or out of the countries in the world. let's
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focus on the sober facts greece represents about one point two percent of the gross national product of the community this is really peanuts i say this with great respect but it's economics taking longer and therefore country and these have been fueled over the years not only from here on but from one thousand nine hundred two hundred ninety nine. seventeen the billion a year without having homes and increased presence it is very easy to say that germany has been benefiting from the e.u. and is a bad boy committed. to rescue german exports before the euro and very hard to win exports to countries like the second highest they have to go very great what has to go very good way is purely to have to believe you don't know that the average rates
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are three years. that's all the time we have for now thank you very much for your thoughts a lawyer that's certain marcus kerber thank you very much. well france has become a de a first country to openly admit it has supplied the libyan rebels with weapons a french military spokesman said the arms including machine guns and rocket propelled grenades were partially to the by air to deceive rebels meanwhile in washington the senate foreign relations committee has finally authorized american involvement in libya or something president obama was strongly pushing for the resolution to give approval for u.s. warplanes and a man drones to continue limited strike for up to one here but it does forbid the deployment of ground troops he's a professional professor of international studies at trinity college in hartford says the authorisation is yet another legal violation the idea of getting treatment is rather absurd to me you know the always going to be getting the story as you
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enter to do so within a few hours of the war beginning with the french and american striking libya they had already violated their narrative of the u.n. resolution and now it looks like libya is simply being delayed there's been a hundred days of attacks by twenty four thousand sorties you know there's a very gradual and painful bleeding of libya to the extent where that these ally and then defected most of that has said libya is being made into what we call it giant so mali the united states president has not over the last three years come to congress to seek authorization for a war they've been very poorly defined spread before congress the same thing in afghanistan if the united states had probably gone to war in afghanistan then it may not have been so unclear about the legality for instance of killing osama bin laden. well over
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a thousand people have been injured in two days of violent protests in egypt young rest began over the slow pace of prosecution for police officers accused of brutally brutality during the mass uprisings in february about a revolution put an end to president hosni mubarak's thirty here rule leaving the country in the hands of the military council its own mansour reelection is scheduled for september but many parties want to respond it further saying more time is needed for a political landscape but the trouble situation in the country these they may not have time says carville is most about a list of course of russia's radio. they don't have a lot of time if you look at it in financial terms there's been a report out that says that egypt is losing five hundred million dollars a day because the unrest there is of course people leaving businesses are not producing as they should you know the rest are sort of a disrupted some of the financial systems in the country so they don't really have a lot of time to really put this together this kind of unrest and it's rather messy
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it's on the even process and quite frankly they've got it they have to get their ship back in the water as they say to get the kind of government they want and get order back in the streets and then start actually building a government and building that nation back out. of russian orphans face a tough childhood but being an adult can be even worse the government legally has to provide housing for anyone to leaving care but as artist peter all of our reports about often doesn't happen. until a date is. this looks more like a prime candidate for demolition in a family home births twenty two year old mother of two lena has been told by social services that she's stuck here. perhaps they haven't seen this place inside they kept telling us true parents somehow believe here they showed me a paper on how to build a house i told them that i had no phones i had no job i had to take care of kids
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and i ended up wrenching place they said it's not our problem lena grew up in an orphanage in the city of tire under russian law she should have received state housing once she left the institution this flat was given to lena's mother by the state and despite having no money she's been told x. and. the situation is absolutely desperate they're going to give me work because i don't have a profession for them i don't exist perhaps hanging myself would be the best thing to do. without even the most basic of a new unity there's no way of living. here however here is exactly where in the thirties of told her that she should bring up her children lena's case isn't unusual for those who work with or friends in russia say that it's when they leave their care homes that they need the most help the problem is things are cuter and smaller you know when they're little and everybody loves to help us with presents
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and that. whereas in actual fact they've got bigger than me i think a favor and that's really where it's standing beside them housing is one of those big needs for off and leaving care it's also in short supply and those are particularly stored in it we need certain calculations for one region and found out that if a child is number ten thousand in a queue for housing it would take them some three and a half thousand years to actually get a flat how can they live like this they're not pharaohs you know you can't bring them back from the dead and give them an apartment one currently only administrative penalties can be imposed on anyone standing in the way of those leaving care housing alexander gears a lot of form often himself as a campaigner for orphans rights he wants to see the courts more involved he will have a king arthur and we need to change the law in a way to make sure that someone can be held responsible in court in this case the
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orphanage will make sure that there is no way a graduating orphan would have to go and live in a rundown home a change in the law might help people in the future but lina can find a solution right now. i ask them where all the mothers are given homes to raise their children why can't i have that is because i don't know the laws or because i'm not allowed to live because it's forbidden for me to have family some people are trying to help me but so far their efforts have been in vain. today reaching. back to our top story dozens of people have been reported injured as clashes between police and protesters continue in the greek capital it follows the parliament's approval of a controversial new a sturdy package and for more details we're now joined by financial journalist and to the us live from athens thank you very very much for joining us now can you just give us the latest from the capital. so. give us the latest from the capital of
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what's happening there right now well things are starting to slow down a little bit along but nothing like yesterday yesterday we had for about seven to nine pm we had a much better bit of a break for people to come back into the square i was able to get back into time before they start to run off again here even the wall that we have as you see spotted violence and there's been a lot of fires a lot of tear gas you can't really agree you surely can't believe you can hardly see and it's the worst thing that i've seen it being a number of these protests so it's getting pretty violent but it will be greek elections are coming in a few months do you think it will change anything or are these assertive quotes are staying for a good. while the government falls. i would expect a new government to come in and then i govern the fall through and then after that maybe maybe thinking about these need to start the measures. not not to be implemented but as far as i see as far as i understand from what the government is
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showing the people of greece are indifferent really to the public opinion they don't really care what they're interested about is what the euro kratz and the troika have to say and that's that's where they do their bidding and they just came here to implement the laws of the past them and there are concerns now that the future taxes will provoke a brain drain from greece's old economic stagnation due to excessive taxes are those concerns valid. are there's a third valid absolutely i mean we've been having a brain drain for the last ten years at least there's not more i would say and the measures that are being an actor right now are doing nothing to stop that i mean you're not going to have capital investment this country if you raise taxes you're not going to have capital invested in this country if all you're just in doing is liquidating assets. you know liquidation prices and not reforming the laws what does it matter if the public utility companies are monopoly companies owned by the state or monopoly industries owned by some some country some company in germany or france it makes no difference in fact that would be worse so we want privatisation here we want real privatization we don't want liquidation and hostile takeovers
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which is what we have now is an l.b.o. is a leverage buyout of this country all right well i thank you very much dimitri kovtun us the national journalist joining us there from athens. and now it's time for the of business news with dimitri in a few moments. thirty one welcome to business see the rivalry of two russian stock exchanges is over now . for the final seal of approval on the merger it's a big part of the government's efforts to improve russian's financial infrastructure and start transforming moscow into a global financial sun so as many nickels are. selling sealed and delivered to our
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now one and itself the beginning of a bright new future for russian markets the feelings the i don't think the new years a better competition between our two yes and my sense now we can actually get through . the year will just mark it for you over the counter market. of the places with which of the future of the russian be sure the idea is to make moscow more attractive to investors to boost liquidity on the market and create the solid centralized and get the five infrastructure which will attract more foreigners on this but on the other you know it's going to be a technically reliable platform which will make it easier for investors to access and merge boards will have more influence over law making decisions big in the market more comfortable for international investors. but critics say that one x. aims could lead someone not only which could affect the cost of doing business or russia they say that less competition could mean less and of
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a ship at the same time other experts say that this has got a long way in helping the government and the stablish from moscow as a global financial center well the course which doesn't have a name yet is expected to be up and running by the end of this year and i.p.o. is time for its once you've heard seen worth about one billion dollars. that's a move to the markets and mostly as a reaction to greece's approval for steerage the measures no matter how controversial they were the european markets were gaining with a full c one a half percent of x. one point seven percent with banks gaining them much. and the rally also continues in u.s. markets preferred straight session on the optimism about the reduced risk of greece's default financials are also in the lead bank of america is up around three percent this out. into the closing picture of the russian knockouts and also up the r.t.s. putting on one percent my sex half a percent that's after
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a very strong session to stay main drivers of the growth still financials need to be up four percent so energy shares were also high with ross near gaining one percent in the mining sector met show actually lost two and a half percent of stock is at its nose to more than amongst us despite the company almost quadrupling its net profit in the first quarter of the year reaching three hundred and nine million dollars. russian president medvedev has outlined budget guidelines for the next two years the social tax for businesses will be reduced but instead the burden will grow for the gas industry i'm going to say it's quite an unusual speech for pre-election period because of our blind tax increases. because been a long story about the government authorities try proper increase of duties on. the export of gas and. all these. arguments defend its positions and finally groups like managed to see to force on force their decision at least as i see it as
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a secret because as a senior as a president and. even if it's a budget address i suppose about the big issue is solved. by the selling of state assets and revenues from the gas will also be used to make up for budget deficit present a bit of support an increase in alcohol and tobacco excise and the government wants to lessen the negative social impact of their consumption. finally resuming supplies developments the company says because now paid its bills in fall russia pulled the plug after builders on the paid by around fifty million dollars about a tenth of the country's electricity supplies comes from russia and the headlines are next on our see them go.
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twenty years ago largest country in. the sort of a sense of. what had been an economy. which began a journey. for where did it take to. the .


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